Informal Resolution Services

Confidential Advising for “Do-It-Yourself-ers”

Individual consultation is available to any member of the campus community who would like feedback, coaching, or support in making a plan to address a conflict situation on their own. If you’d like help preparing for a difficult conversation or meeting, or are interested in developing new strategies or skills to deal more effectively with a conflict situation – please call to arrange a confidential consultation.


Ongoing conflict is often accompanied by communication break-downs and loss of trust. When this is the case, the elements most needed to resolve the conflict are missing. Mediation can help by providing a structured forum in which participants can renew dialogue, respectfully discuss concerns, and jointly seek their own solutions. Unlike grievance and other formal processes, mediation puts participants in charge of the outcome. The great majority (90%) of mediations result in agreements that enable participants to move forward with greater clarity, ease, and mutual understanding. California law and professional ethics protect the confidentiality of mediation proceedings, from the time of initial contact with the mediator. Please do not hesitate to call and discuss your situation.

Group Facilitation

When meetings involve discussion of contentious issues and / or high-stakes decision-making, effective planning and facilitation are essential. Good facilitation helps keep discussion constructive and on track, balances participation, and produces clear outcomes. If you are the one who usually facilitates and you’d like more freedom to participate in the discussion – let’s talk!