What would you want others to know about Campus Conflict Resolution Services?

  • I consulted Nancy Heischman regarding a situation in which I felt both wronged and helpless to effect change. Campus administrators (including my Department Chair, Associate Dean, and Assistant Dean) did not feel able to help. Nancy heard my concerns, contacted the other party, and arranged a joint meeting to talk the problem through. Without Nancy, I believe the logjam would not have been broken. Getting things moving again has resulted in publication of a long-delayed work. I am very grateful for Nancy’s help.
  • Nancy is very good at what she does.
  • That the service is available at no cost, to help all members of the campus community who need help resolving conflicts.
  • That it’s not scary, it’s helpful.
  • That your confidentiality is protected.
  • There is a better way to resolve conflict — a way that allows the parties to come to an end-point where they are comfortable with each other and can work together.
  • These services are incredibly valuable assets to our campus.
  • I want the campus community — especially our academic community - to know about the existence of these services and that taking advantage of them early on in a conflict could very likely minimize the necessity of spending much more time and energy in formal processes.
  • Conflicts among faculty members are quite common and I think people who are facing a difficult situation should know that it is worth consulting with CCRS as a positive step toward a resolution.