About Campus Conflict Resolution Services

The Campus Conflict Resolution Services office opened in January 2009 to provide professional consultation, mediation and training to members of the UCSC community. Its emphasis is on prevention, effective management, and informal resolution of conflict at all levels. All services are free, voluntary and confidential.

Nancy Heischman serves as Director of Campus Conflict Resolution Services. She has worked in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution since 1993. Formerly Director of the local nonprofit Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County, Nancy became familiar with the UCSC campus community through many years as a contract provider of training, mediation and consulting services. She has presented conflict resolution skills training to hundreds of staff and students, and assisted with resolution of a wide range of disputes involving faculty and staff.

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For further information, please contact Nancy Heischman at 
(831) 459-2290 or nheischm@ucsc.edu.